Are Work-From-Home Jobs Real?

Are Work-From-Home Jobs Real, August 2021

A few decades ago, it was hard to imagine the possibility of one owning a computer let alone working from home. Computers were quite expensive, and there were hardly any remote jobs. Craft making jobs were the only available work from home opportunities.

Fast forward, the birth of the internet and the rise of social media have brought change. Through these platforms came work from home jobs and companies are embracing this change.

The latest work-from-home statistics show that approximately 4.3 million Americans work from home (half-time or full-time) and more than 50% of them are millennials. You can choose to work full-time, the pay is the same as working from an office, or you can choose to work part-time as a freelancer.

If you want to start your work from home, the guide below lists some of the top work from home jobs opportunities for 2020 and beyond.

1. Telephone Nurse

Woman assisting patients over the phone.

Working from a hospital as a staff nurse is excellent; you are making a difference in the lives of your patients.

But, there are days when it is stressful, full of grief, and the shifts are crazy, aren’t they?

If you are looking to change this, you can opt for telephone nurse jobs.

A telephone nurse’s job is ideal for someone who holds a degree in nursing. 

As a telephone nurse, you will work for health management companies and health insurers. Your duties will include patient education, case management, and treatment authorization.

Pay is from $50,000 and above. You can find listings on this job at, and (Telephone triage nurse jobs).

2. Freelance Writing

Graphic of a woman writing on paper

Do you have a knack for writing? Are your writing skills top-notch? Do you have excellent research skills?

If yes, you should consider becoming a freelance writer for websites and blogs.

There are numerous websites/blog owners, companies, or individuals who need written content including articles, blog posts, product reviews, press releases, and others.

There are many sites and job boards where you get to apply for these jobs. They include TexbrokeriWriterUpworkHireWritersTextun.comWordagents– just to name a few. Simply sign up on these sites/boards and start earning.

3. Virtual Assistant and Copywriter

More businesses are hiring work from home virtual assistants to help with their administrative tasks and to keep them organized.

As an independent contractor, you will be in charge of providing creative, technical, and administrative services.

You can, also, pair up your virtual assistant services with copywriting services. As a copywriter, you will provide content that is Search Engine Optimized. 

This content is then uploaded to your clients’ website and will help boost your clients’ ranking on search engines.

You can access these jobs through FancyHandsVA StafferAssistant MatchVirtual Staff, and

4. Online Tutor

Are Work-From-Home Jobs Real, August 2021

In the past few years, the demand for online tutors has risen sharply.

If you’re skilled in subjects like math, physics, social studies, English, and other subjects, you can earn some extra cash tutoring students or adults online.

To become an online tutor, you have the option to set up your tutoring online portal or simply sign up on websites that list tutoring jobs. You can check out a few websites that offer online tutoring jobs like, including others.

5. Translation

Are you bilingual or multilingual? Well, how about turning your language skills into cash by translating languages and speeches? There are many people and companies alike looking for people who can translate written words from one language to another.

You can get hired for technical document translation, business documents translation, website translation, legal documents translation, and many other jobs.

Check out these legit websites that offer translation jobs like Unbabel.comStepes.comTranslators Base,  TranduGuide, and

6. Social Media Manager

This job came with the birth of social media. Today, consumers check for product reviews from social media platforms before making a purchase.

This trend has prompted companies and brands to have a social media presence to expand their reach. Not every business can pay for an in-house social media manager, and this is where you come in.

You can market your skills to businesses and manage their social media accounts. Your hourly pay will range from $20 to $75, depending on your skillset. You can access this job through platforms such as, and

7. Personal Online Shopper

Are Work-From-Home Jobs Real, August 2021

If you are passionate about shopping, you can turn passion into profit.

A personal shopper shops on behalf of people who are too busy to do it themselves or who do not have a keen eye for that particular item.

In recent years, personal shoppers, especially in fashion, have become quite popular. You can market your skills on social media and YouTube. Also, network with fashion designers who can recommend your services to their clients.

Alternatively, you can access these jobs through, and

8. Airbnb Host

Are Work-From-Home Jobs Real, August 2021

Do you have a spare space in your house and you can’t figure out what to do with it?

If yes, you can rent out this space, over a short period, to people visiting your area. You can recommend ideal places to visit within the city.

Depending on your location, you can earn $1,000 per month.

List guest room on any of these sites; HomeAwayAirbnb, and VRBO.

9. Bookkeeper and Accountant

If you have an accounting degree and do not fancy working at an office, there are work-at-home bookkeeping and accounting jobs available for you.

As an independent contractor, you can find work with, and

10. Affiliate Marketer

Still, looking for an opportunity where you alone get to decide your working hours? Well, consider affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer you create your website, write content that is helpful for people in a particular niche, it is recommended you write for something you are passionate about.

You will then review products in that specific niche. You earn a commission when people click through links on your website and purchase a product from one of the brands you are affiliated with.

Affiliate programs you can join include programs by AmazoneBayClickBank, and

11. Vlogger

Are Work-From-Home Jobs Real, August 2021

What is the one thing you do better than those around you? That something everyone wants to know your secret to do it so perfectly.

It could be making ribs or baking cookies, making the perfect golf backswing, or playing video games, or creating beauty and fashion tutorials.

You can get paid to show off your skills and teach other people, through videos, how to do it. You need to open an account with YouTube and enroll in their partner program.

Once you film your videos, with a digital camera or smartphone, upload it to YouTube. You earn money when your viewers click on the strategically placed ads on your channel.

You get paid monthly if you earn the minimum payment. Make sure to make unique content, especially if your niche is competitive. In 2017, YouTube paid millions of dollars to its stars with the youngest, 6-year-old who reviews toys, earning $11,000,000.

Work from Home Benefits

Microsoft surveyed the benefits of working from home. These are the benefits they found:

  • It improves productivity.
  • It eliminates commute.
  • One gets to spend time with family.
  • Improves one’s health.
  • There are fewer distractions.

Bottom Line

Work from home jobs are real, and the pay is equal or even better than traditional employment opportunities. More employers are embracing this trend of having their employees work from home. In 2020 and beyond, more companies and businesses will hire more remote workers than in previous years.

You can opt to be employed as a full-time employee, or you can work as an independent contractor. If you would like to pursue any of the above jobs and you do not have the skillset, you can take short courses on Udemy or enroll at a local college.

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