The Ultimate Guide to Check a Walmart MoneyCard Balance

The Ultimate Guide to Check a Walmart MoneyCard Balance, August 2021

In a previous article, we went over what exactly a Walmart MoneyCard is and how to activate and use it. But now that you have a MoneyCard, you may be wondering why you should bother with getting one and what it can do for you.

In this article, we will be looking further into the Walmart MoneyCard Account to provide you with more information about this relatively unknown new card and system.

What Is A Walmart MoneyCard Account?

Having a Walmart MoneyCard Account provides many useful features. It comes with cashback at Walmart as well as giving you the ability to put money away in their free savings feature when you use the MoneyCard app. Doing this will also enter you to win cash prizes every month.

Does A Walmart MoneyCard Account Help Your Credit Score?

Not at all, since you prepay the money on to your card, Walmart does not issue a line of credit or require you to make monthly payments. Because of this, the MoneyCard will in no way affect your credit.

Walmart MoneyCard Accounts Benefits

Walmart MoneyCard Accounts provide a great way to manage your money and offer some great perks at the same time.

With a MoneyCard Account, you can use it to shop both online and in stores wherever Mastercard or Visa is accepted.

You can earn up to $75 cashback on certain Walmart purchases each year.

You can quickly and easily send or receive money from any other Walmart MoneyCard or Green Dot Bank cardholders nationwide.

It also allows you to receive your pay up to 2 days before your scheduled payday and any government benefits up to 4 days early.

And finally, it allows you to automatically pay your bills on schedule and, as mentioned above, allows you to take advantage of the free savings feature to be in for a chance of winning monthly cash prizes.

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Why Should You Download The Walmart MoneyCard App?

The Walmart MoneyCard app makes it easy to manage your card and your money all from your phone. The app allows you to pay bills, deposit checks, order free accounts for your teenage kids and again, allows you to take advantage of the free savings feature mentioned above.

How To Check Your Walmart MoneyCard Balance?

By far the fastest and easiest way to check your Walmart MoneyCard balance is to do so through the app or by logging in to, a few taps allow you to instantly check your balance as well as your transaction history.

You can also take your card to your nearest Walmart and ask the cashier about your card balance.

Another way to check the balance on your Walmart MoneyCard is to call the customer service team at 1-877-937-4098.

And finally, texting “BAL Last4″, Last4 is the last 4 digits of your MoneyCard number, to 43411 allows you to get your balance with ease. To add your mobile number, log in to your account, and select Account Settings.

We hope this page has helped you understand how to check the balance on a Walmart MoneyCard, and we wish you happy spending!

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