How to Activate a Visa Gift Card?

How to Activate a Visa Gift Card, August 2021

The Visa Gift Card is a very popular type of prepaid gift card that you can use every time you make a purchase at any location that accepts Visa.

Usually, most Visa Gift Cards are automatically activated upon being purchased in a physical store or online. But, there are some Visa Gift Cards that you need to activate first before you can use them to purchase items or services.

If you have no idea how to activate a Visa gift card, just continue to read below to know the steps you should follow.

Visa Gift Cards: A Quick Overview

Most Visa gift cards can be used right away upon purchase with no need for manual activation. The Visa gift card owners are advised to write their signatures in the allotted space at the back of their card to prevent unauthorized use and theft.

There is a clear set of instructions that come with all Visa gift cards on how to activate and use them. If the card doesn’t get automatically activated through a purchase, the owner is advised to follow the instructions for activation provided by the card issuer.

After successful activation, you can already use your Visa gift card like any other Visa debit and credit cards in all locations that accept Visa. You cannot reload a Visa gift card after you spent the original gift amount.

Visa Gift Card Activation

All card issuers have their own unique process of Visa gift card activation. However, this is basically as simple as going to the official website of the card issuer and entering the security code and 16-digit number of your card. You can also call the toll-free phone number indicated at the back of the card.

#1. Activate Your Visa Gift Card Online

The website URL of the card issuer can be found at the back of the gift card. There are cards that also have the website of the card issuer indicated on the front with a sticker covering it. Just go to the website and have your card registered and activated.

Enter all the requested card information on the registration/activation page. These details include the 3-digit security code, the 16-digit card number, and the card expiry date.

After you submit the correct information, your Visa gift card will already be registered and activated. You can now use it, check the transactions and the available balance.

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#2. Contact the Toll-Free Phone Number

Call the toll-free number located at the back of your Visa gift card to activate it. You just need to provide the 3-digit security code, the 16-digit card number, and the card expiry date. Your card will be activated right away if you provide the correct details.

Bottom Line

You have two options for activating your Visa gift card. The first is to activate it online and second is to call the customer support and let them activate your card for you.

The gift card activation is an important step before you can shop online or in physical stores using your Visa gift card. Just follow the steps above and you will be good to go.

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