SecuX W20 Review

The SecuX W20 is a simple, clean and crisp wallet that will store your crypto assets.

In the world of crypto, there is an evergrowing list of products, coins, exchanges, terms, and so much more, so it’s reasonable to expect not to be able to keep up with it all.

When it comes to hardware wallets, the SecuX W20 is one that you don’t want to let slip through your radar. 

Even in that ever-growing list, the SecuX W20 deserves its own spotlight when searching for security solutions for your crypto, so I’ve taken it upon myself to see if it’s truly a secure cold storage wallet that you need in your life.

Who Is SecuX 

SecuX is a cryptocurrency, cyber security, mobile payment, and digital payment-focused company that was founded in 2018. They’re headquartered in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.

SecuX W10, W20, and V20 hardware wallets were launched commercially in 2019.

Key Features

Now that we’ve covered the introductory information, let’s dive into what you really want to know - the key features of the SecuX W20.

Rechargeable Battery

Any and every device these days should have a rechargeable battery, but some still don’t. Thankfully, not a problem with the W20.

SecuX W20’s Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (600mAh) lasts up to 7 hrs of continuous use. In other words, plenty of time to use it while on the go and away from the Micro-USB connector.

Large Touchscreen

Yet another feature that should be a given for crypto wallets is some form of touchscreen, alas, not always the case. With the SecuX W20, you won’t be squinting to see what settings you’re flipping through, the text and icons, and most importantly, you’ll easily spot your coins and their values.

SecuX W20 has a 2.8” LCD color touchscreen, so it’s very large which makes it wonderfully accessible for all users and no fumbling with feedback when you touch the screen itself.

Bluetooth Connectivity

A Micro-USB connection is good, but a Bluetooth connection is great. Some might consider Bluetooth unnecessary for a hard wallet and disqualifies it as a true cold storage device but added convenience is still welcome.

SecuX W20 has Bluetooth connectivity, something that was missing from its predecessor, the W10.

Multiple OS Support

Phone wars are silly, and what I mean by that is the Apple vs. Android debate. Both have their merits, but one thing’s for sure - they’re the two kings of the phone OS world. 

It should never be an issue of incompatibility with your device when looking for the proper security, so the SecuX W20 supports iOS and Android for its mobile software wallet, allowing nearly everyone to get in on the fun.

Additionally, they provide support for Chrome OS and provide a web-based app called SecuXess.


  • Mobile phone/tablet (iOS 12.0+, Android 6.0+); Computer (Mac OS 10.13.6+, Windows 10, Linux, Chrome OS) with the following browser installed (Chrome V.71+ or Opera V.57+)


What’s the biggest question while searching for a crypto hardware wallet? Security, of course. This is of the utmost importance, above price, design, UI, and so many other crucial details. Security is king when determining a functional hardware wallet.

Here’s a brief look at some of the pivotal security features:

  • 2-factor authentication (2FA) during Bluetooth connection
  • Military-grade Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL5+ Secure Element chip
  • Tamper-proof sealing labels
  • Compatible recoverability with BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44 Standard 12, 18, 24 recovery words
  • Dynamic keypad and PIN protection

Quite an impressive set of functions to keep you protected. Going back to the mention of Bluetooth as a potential con in the security of the device, SecuX has added 2FA to confirm access to prevent unusual or malicious connections.

In that same vein, you can expect to find tamper-proof sealing on both the box and the device itself when you receive it to confirm it hasn’t been compromised.

Much of the security features you’ll find in the SecuX W20 will come off as indecipherable (fitting, given it’s about cryptography!), but CC EAL5+ is a security certification (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level) that relates to the engineering of a device or systems security.

Look for that rating whenever purchasing a crypto wallet such as this one because it’s the highest rating it can achieve, meaning the security claims are legitimate.

As for BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44 Standard, this relates to the passphrase recovery, which SecuX provides a standard 12, 18, and 24 (plus a 25th passphrase) word sets. 

Lastly, the dynamic keypad and PIN protection provide further security by preventing fingerprint tracing, and the wallet will reset automatically after 5 unsuccessful PIN entry attempts.

Supported Coins

Security 1A, supported coins is 1B on the list of importance that a crypto wallet offers. 

Being able to store a large selection of coins is a must to prevent stretching yourself thin with your investments across multiple platforms.

That’s why you start losing passwords, passphrases, forgetting investments, and opening yourself up to more susceptibility in security.

With all of that in mind, you can rest easy knowing the SecuX W20 can handle up to 500 accounts, and hold over 1000+ coins. 

Some of the supported coins include:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Binance (BNB)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • And many more…

Obviously, you can see the usual suspects like BTC and ETH, but beyond the numerous coins, the SecuX W20 also supports an incredibly deep assortment of ERC-20 tokens (Ethereum blockchain tokens).

Some ERC-20 Tokens include:

  • Shiba Inu (SHIB)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Coin (CRO)
  • Fantom (FTM)
  • The Graph (GRT)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • And many more…

Too much is just enough when it comes to your hardware wallet and the number of coins it supports, so SecuX W20 passes the test.

Dimensions and Design

Depending on how you plan on using your hard wallet, you might pay close attention to the dimensions and designs of the device.

I personally believe that there’s a good middle ground where a cold storage wallet can be both portable without having to sacrifice the functional aspects that should make it a good user experience.

SecuX W20 is in that perfect middle ground. 

It’s a versatile device that fits comfortably in my hands, and again, it features a 2.8” LCD touchscreen so it’s not losing usability in favor of size.

SecuX W20 dimensions:

  • 13mm  x 89mm x 59mm
  • 62g

Price and Where to Buy

Hardware wallets vary greatly in price, but price is no guarantee of quality, good or bad.

Thankfully the SecuX W20 won’t cause you to keel over when you see the price tag.

The SecuX W20 retails for $119.00 USD, which is comparable to models of similar quality.

Included in the W20 box:

  • SecuX W20 Hardware Wallet
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • SecuX Black Pouch
  • 2x Passphrase Recovery Sheets
  • Quick Start Guide

The SecuX W20 can be found online at their official site store. Buying directly from the company helps prevent possible tampering or faulty products.

Setup and Use

Getting my hands on the SecuX W20 wallet was my main priority because I could talk shop about the wallet all I wanted, but you need to see how easy it is to set up and use this hard wallet.

First, the box was sealed as advertised to prove that it wasn’t opened or tampered with before it arrive. Similarly, there were two tamper-proof seals on the wallet itself.

Next, I held the power button for 2 seconds and selected the “Get Started” button once it booted up.

From there, I entered my unique PIN (4-8 digits) and then created a name for the wallet (1-15 letters).

My next step was one of the most crucial ones so be very attentive and careful. I wrote down my recovery phrase which consists of the 24 recovery words. The device displays 6 words at a time, wherein you write them down on the recovery sheet(s) that come in the box or somewhere else safe. After that, I confirmed it and was ready to connect my device.

You’ll then download the SecuX Mobile app from either the App Store or Google Play and you can connect your wallet to your phone through Bluetooth, or connect to your computer with either Bluetooth or Micro-USB.

Once connected, you’ll go to SecuXess on the supported browsers listed, and you’re now connected to your computer.

It’s that simple to set up a SecuX W20 wallet. Something as important as the setup stage being streamlined like this made the experience very positive for me. 

Additional Products

Looking for more from SecuX? You’re in luck! The W20 hard wallet is not the only cold storage device they make.

Before the SecuX W20, there was the SecuX W10, and after the W20 is the SecuX V20 hardware wallet.

Along with the hardware wallets, there are the X-SEED, X-SEED Plus, and X-SEED Pro metal pass phrase backup cards. 

For those looking to get more involved in the NFT craze, SecuX Nifty is an NFT wallet to help you protect your art investments even further than before. 

All of these products, along with the SecuX W20, can be easily found on their official site store.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to pinpoint just one reason why I loved using the SecuX W20 wallet, so I’ll recap and give you my favorite reasons - plural.

An ergonomic device size that is easily portable, a crystal clear display that’s easy to read, a commitment to providing support for a massive catalog of coins and tokens, and last but certainly not least, the dedication to ensuring strict security protocols and protection for your crypto.

You can see that there’s plenty to praise about the SecuX W20, and while I wished the device offered a better physical connection (USB-C would have been preferred over Micro-USB) and that the UI might be too plain for some, the pros outweigh the cons exponentially.

Would I feel secure in recommending this hardware wallet? As secure as you’ll feel holding your crypto in it.

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