How to Use an American Airlines Gift Card

How to Use an American Airlines Gift Card, June 2021

Did you know that American Airlines is one of the largest airline companies in the world?

While this popular company has their main airport hub located in Texas, American Airlines planes take passengers to the most popular national and international travel destinations.

So, what better gift is there for a travel enthusiast or any person who is heading out of state or country, than an American Airlines gift card? 

How to Purchase an American Airlines Gift Card

American Airlines gift cards are available in two formats: virtual or plastic.

Both have their benefits. Some gift card users may prefer to keep things virtual and not have an additional card to carry around, whereas some purchasers prefer the personal touch of handing the plastic gift card to the recipient themselves. 

No matter which format you decide on, both gift cards can be bought online though the American Airlines official website or ordered over the phone. They also both allow you to send a personalized message with your gift.

Virtual gift cards arrive immediately and their delivery is free. However, they cannot be used until 72 hours after they were purchased. 

It takes approximately 4 to 5 business days for a plastic gift card to arrive using Standard shipping, but different factors can delay this process, so anticipate a larger mailing window.

Keep in mind that shipping and handling costs will apply to the order of a plastic gift card, and your signature is needed to complete the delivery upon arrival. 

How to Use an American Airlines Gift Card

American Airlines gift cards are easily redeemable when you are booking a trip through the American Airlines website, 

If you have a plastic gift card, you will need to reveal the card’s four digit PIN number on the back of the card by gently scratching off the grey covering. You will also find the card number on the back of the card. 

For virtual gift cards, simply follow the link you were sent through the gift card email alert to obtain the card and PIN number.

When you are at the payment screen for your American Airlines travel booking, select the option “Other forms of payment” to use your gift card. 

Next, carefully enter the gift card number and four digit PIN number into the appropriate boxes. 

You will also need to indicate the dollar value from the gift card that you want to use towards your purchase, so make sure that you are aware how much money is on the card (you can do this by checking your balance on the American Airlines website). 

Once you have verified that you have entered the correct information, you are ready to proceed with redeeming your gift card. 

Important Details to Consider When Asking How to Use an American Airlines Gift Card

If the gift card does not cover the entire cost of your flight, you may pay the remaining balance using your credit card.

For one travel purchase with American Airlines, you can use up to 8 gift cards.

You can only use these gift cards to purchase air travel flights, so they do not apply to the purchase of any non-flight services offered on 

Gift cards can only be used to purchase itineraries originating from the U.S, Puerto Rico, or the U.S Virgin Islands. 

Final Thoughts

With an easy and accessible online redeeming process, no additional user fees, and no expiry date, you can be confident in your purchase of an American Airlines gift card and truly give the gift of travel to yourself, loved one, or friend.

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