Ellipal Titan Review

Ellipal Titan Review - April 2022

People always ask me, “what’s the #1 thing you look for when it comes to cryptocurrency products?” and the answer is always security.

It could be an exchange or the blockchain it’s built on itself, but the most important time when I look for security is cold storage. 

Thankfully, the ELLIPAL Titan provides so much security as a hardware wallet, it’s never an issue when I use it.

Before I gush on about why it’s such a secure wallet, I’ll give you a rundown on it and explain what else makes it a must-have for security-minded crypto enthusiasts.

What is the ELLIPAL Titan

To put it briefly, the ELLIPAL Titan is a hardware wallet or a cold storage device/wallet.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Hong Kong, they have been designing true cold storage wallets for users to secure stash their crypto.

These devices are different from exchanges and software wallets as they are not connected to an external system or service so they are immune to hacks or access.


The ELLIPAL Titan is an incredibly secure and versatile cold storage wallet so let us see what kind of features make it so enticing for those looking to bolster their investment safety.


Air-gapped doesn’t refer to the actual physical design of the hardware wallet, but how safe it is from outside interference.

ELLIPAL Titan is air-gapped because it cannot be accessed by RFID/NFC, Bluetooth, cellular, USB, or Wi-Fi connections. This makes it a true cold storage device by definition, which isn’t true for a lot of other hardware wallets on the market.


Featuring a 3.97-inch color touchscreen, the ELLIPAL Titan looks something similar to a smartphone.

All of the features and text on the screen are well-lit, colored, and displayed in high quality so it’s incredibly accessible.


As for the actual design security of the device, it is anti-dissassembly designed.

Adding even more security to prevent someone from physically opening up the device is another bonus that caught my eye and made the ELLIPAL Titan stand out as valuing security chiefly among many other concerns it addresses.

Auto-Self Destruct

No, the device won’t spontaneously explode, but it will reset to factory default if it detects interference from an outside source.

Hacking the ELLIPAL Titan is hard enough to begin with, but if it does happen in the unlikely instance, it will protect you by resetting your seed/passphrase.

Scanning Camera

On the backside of the ELLIPAL Titan is a small camera.

It’s a 5M AF camera, so it’s not going to capture selfies, but it’s used to scan QR codes only. This helps with transactions and transfers.


Naturally, the ELLIPAL Titan has a dedicated mobile app that is used to help sort your managed crypto but unfortunately does not have a desktop version.

This app is incredibly simple and can be used to buy and exchange crypto as well, not just manage existing funds. These exchanges are powered by Changelly and SWIFT. 

Using credit (VISA/MasterCard) and/or Apple Pay, you can buy crypto to have it directly deposited to your ELLIPAL address. 

ELLIPAL also supports staking for select coins and access to dApps (decentralized apps) as well.

Supported Coins

Along with the question on security, the next biggest concern for prospective hardware wallet owners is how many, and what, coins and tokens their cold store will support.

Most of the top-tier hardware wallets support a huge selection, and the ELLIPAL Titan is no different, which makes it one of my favorites for this very reason.

Some of the coins/tokens it supports are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • And many more…

ELLIPAL’s coin list goes on and on. While they support 41 coins/blockchains, it also includes 10 000+ tokens (ERC20, BSC, TRX, HRC20) so there’s a good chance you can store all of your investments on this wallet.

Each coin varies in wallet function, ie. storage, buy, exchange, and staking, but the sheer volume of how many coins you can store in the wallet, it’s impressive.

Price and Where to Buy

Yet another vital question when looking for a hardware wallet is the price tag. You don’t want to be shelling out too much money that could be used to buy more crypto, but you want to pay for what you expect - quality.

You’ll be happy to learn that the ELLIPAL Titan isn’t going to break the bank by any means, so you won’t need to dip into your crypto to afford one.

The Ellipal Titan is available on their official site store.

At $139.00 USD, it’s comparable to many of the cold storage wallets in a similar quality tier like the Ledger Nano X/S and Trezor Model T/One. What comes in the box are:

  • 1 ELLIPAL Titan cold wallet
  • 1 Security adapter plus
  • 1 Charging cord
  • 1 Memory card (16 GB)
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 2 Mnemonic phrase paper

If you’re interested in paying a little more, the ELLIPAL Titan bundle is available for $159.00 USD (Value of $227.00 USD) and includes all of the original contents plus:

  • 1 ELLIPAL Mnemonic metal seed phrase card
  • 1 Memory card (16 GB)

Even when dishing out a little extra money for the bundle, you’re still spending a very reasonable amount for added security with the metal mnemonic seed phrase card and an extra memory card.

Design and Durability

It was addressed briefly before, but the design and durability of the device are high-value for the price you’re paying and compared to other cold storage wallets in a similar price range.

Even though the ELLIPAL Titan has a touchscreen, the body is dust and waterproof, and the backside is aluminum alloy for both looks and functionality.

Along with its water and dust-proof sealing, it’s also crush and impact resistant too. 

Some quick physical specs for the ELLIPAL Titan:

  • Size: 118 x 66 x 9.7mm
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Camera: 5M AF
  • LCD: 3.97 inches
  • Battery: 1400 mAh
  • Standby time: 259 hours
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C

In short, this thing isn’t just secure from hacks, it’s durable and secure against damage too.

Customer Service

I like to inform potential buyers about the customer service process as much as I can because we’ve all been in situations where we wished there was more they provided in the way of help.

Alternatively, we’ve also dealt with excellent customer service before as well.

Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with anyone about set-up, refunds, or any customer needs, but they include plenty of contact in case you do.

They have an easy to access support tab on their site which includes email contact for various needs (customer support, business contact, vulnerability reporting, blog contribution, etc.) along with portals to FAQs, manuals, and other pressing concerns.

Even though I haven’t had to use these resources, it’s nice to know they’re easy to find and plentiful.

Additional Products

The ELLIPAL Titan bundle includes one of the additional products for security, the metallic mnemonic phrase card which can be purchased for $49.00 USD separately.

ELLIPAL also has the ELLIPAL Joy, a mnemonic generator, which is a random number generator for $49.90.

Bottom Line

Competition is fierce in the world of hardware wallets and cold storage devices for crypto, which is good news for consumers.

Each successive device improves physical and software security to ensure the protection of your crypto, but the ELLIPAL Titan has already achieved those goals.

Whether it’s the peace of mind that an air-gapped cold storage wallet gives you, or the convenient touch screen, or the price-to-features ratio, the Titan truly towers over the competition.

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