Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks, August 2021

Nowadays you want to make sure that you cash a check beyond the bank. A lot of people don’t want to go to the bank to get money just to buy something. They want to know if companies are also cashing the checks, as that’s a lot more convenient. Going to the store and being able to pay with a check can help a lot.

Walmart is a good example because a lot of people go to this type of store, so can I cash a personal check at Walmart? Let’s see!

Well, in short, they don’t cash personal checks, but they may cash two-party personal checks up to $200.

What Types Of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

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After you know the answer to the question can I cash a personal check at Walmart, you have to figure out what type of checks are they cashing.

Thankfully, the system is simple and very convenient, which is great. They are cashing in a variety of checks actually.

This includes pre-printed checks, two-party personal checks, MoneyGram money orders, 401k and retirement disbursement checks, insurance settlement checks, cashiers’ checks, tax checks, government checks, and payroll checks. (1)

Keep in mind that not every Walmart might be able to cash these in due to local requirements. So it’s a very good idea to visit the Walmart in your area.

There are some limits, the two-party personal checks are limited to $200 and then the other checks are limited to $5000. That being said, there’s a $7500 limit from January to April.

How Can You Cash In Your Check At Walmart?

The process is actually very simple. You just visit the local Walmart store, bring the check and a valid ID with you.

Then you will cash your check at the customer service desk or the money services center.

Keep in mind that the check cashing limit varies from state to state.

Since the check cashing process is fast and convenient, anyone can do it. Of course, you need to be over 18 years old. 

You can also add the money to your Walmart MoneyCard for convenience. The great thing is that you can get the card online and pay no issuance fee.

You get the cash right away if you go to the money services center. Having the ability to load money is fast and convenient, and you will find it very helpful.

Walmart Check Cashing Fees And Limits

On top of that, you are limited to 3 transactions. Also, the fee is up to $4 for checks up to $1000. There’s also a fee of $8 max for checks that are more than $1000, which depends on the local laws.

Walmart also has a fee of $6 max for the two-party personal checks up to $200.

Cash A Personal Check Without A Bank Account

For most people, cashing a check is simple and hassle-free- all they need to do is deposit it at their local bank’s teller or at the bank’s ATM. Of course, these options are normally available for those with bank accounts.

However, there is a small population that does not have a bank account and often relies on alternative channels to access financial services like check-cashing.

 According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, about 6.5% of Americans do not have bank accounts and 18.7% are underbanked. (2)

If you fall into the “unbanked” category and want to cash a check, there is an easy way to do it, and that is by visiting the issuing bank.

Most banks readily accept the cashing of checks that have been issued from their own accounts. This means you can simply visit the local bank that issued the check and cash it. The name of the issuing bank is usually written on the bottom left corner of a check.

For example, if the check was issued by the Bank of America, you can cash it by visiting your local Bank of America branch. The biggest advantage is that you can cash both payroll and personal checks.

To cash a check at the issuing bank for a non-account holder, you’ll be charged anywhere between $2-$10 in check-cashing fees. Some banks may charge more (the fees vary from bank to bank).

Banks like Capital One offer this service completely free of charge. However, some banks do not charge a fee for checks with smaller amounts like $50 and below.

Remember to bring along your original ID for verification purposes.

Why You Should Open A Bank Account

While you can still cash your check at the issuing bank even if you don’t have a bank account, you are still missing out on the countless benefits of managing your money with a bank account.

Bank accounts are more convenient, safer, cheaper, offer a great solution for saving your hard-earned cash, plus you can easily access credit at any given time.

If you cash checks on a regular basis, it’s highly advisable to open a bank account as it’s cheaper, more convenient, and you can cash it just anywhere besides the issuing bank.

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