Decluttr Review

Decluttr Review, June 2021

I know that I am not the only one out there with a “junk drawer”, that one drawer in your home that is full of random items you know that you need to part with, but just have not gotten around to the task of decluttering it yet.

For some people, this “junk drawer” takes up a little, or a lot, more space. Perhaps you have stored away old items in your basement, closet, or garage that, when the right time comes, you will be ready to unload. Well, what if I said the right time is right now?

Let me introduce you to my most recent favourite find: Decluttr. Decluttr is a website and app that does exactly as its name states; it lets you quickly declutter your home by getting an instant valuation on your used items that you can send in and get paid the next day for. 

In this article, I am going to share with you my Decluttr review so that you can decide if Decluttr is the best option for you to sell used DVDs, games, CDS, and tech devices that are collecting dust around your home.

I will go over how Decluttr works, what you can sell on it, how it compares to its competitors, and finally the pros and cons of this platform.   

How Exactly Does Decluttr Work?

The other month, I decided to do a generous purge of the dated and unused items in my home.

I set aside all of the items I knew I could try selling through Decluttr, to give this website and App an honest attempt. Let me share my experience with you. 

To get started with Decluttr, you can access this buy and sell program easily on their website or download their App free to any smartphone (available to Apple and Android). 

If you select the website option, simply select the “start selling” option and you will be able to enter the barcode for the product you want to sell.

Immediately, Decluttr will tell you if they are accepting that particular item at this time, and how much money they will pay you for it.

You continue like that, adding items to your cart that you want to sell until you are ready to “check out” and get paid.

This process is made even easier with the Decluttr App. Save yourself the tedious work of typing in each barcode with the App’s intelligent barcode feature, that allows you to use your smartphone’s camera function to quickly scan each item you want to sell.

I was easily able to add up the amount of items I wanted to get rid of, and was pleased with how immediately I could discover just how much money was sitting in my storage boxes and closet.

I found the App beginner friendly and it was convenient that I was able to log in and out without losing my progress from my previous session. 

Once I added up the items I wanted to sell, I was given the choice of getting paid through Paypal, direct deposit, or check. You also have the option to donate the money to charity which I found to be a nice touch. 

I was requested to pack these items I requested to sell into any box (I had one from a previous delivery that I used) and then all I needed to do was attach the shipping label Decluttr sent me. They then set me up to ship my items for free. 

What Can I Buy And Sell On Decluttr?

Now, Decluttr does not let you sell everything, but the list is pretty comprehensive. Some of the items that you can use Decluttr to buy or sell are:

  • DVDs and CDs
  • Books
  • Cellphones
  • Macbooks
  • Tablets or iPads
  • Wearable items like Apple watches, Fitbits, or other smart watches
  • Game consoles and controllers
  • Video games
  • eBook readers like Kindles
  • iPods
  • Music accessories including headphones and speakers
  • Digital cameras 
  • Genuine Lego products

When using Decuttlr, you need to ensure that your “selling cart” adds up to a minimum value of $5 before you are able to create an order.

This could be made up of a single high value item, or a number of lower-cost items. If you are only looking to sell one or two low price items, you might want to consider holding off until you decide on more used items to sell to meet than minimum $5 requirement. 

Also keep in mind that you do have to declare the condition of the items you wish to sell by listing them as good, poor, or faulty.

Be careful of this, because If the assessors at Decluttr deam your books, CDs, DVDs, or video games to be in bad condition, they can decide not to pay you for them and not return the items.

So the responsibility is yours to ensure that you are only sending in items that meet Decluttr’s resell standards.

This works differently for tech and electronics, though. Decuttr operates with a “Tech Price Promise”, meaning that when you send in your tech or gadget, you will get the price that was originally offered for you.

If for some reason the assessors deems that value incorrect, they will send you a new price offer or ship it back to you free of charge. And if you are wondering, they do take phones with cracked screens. 

Know as well that, as expected, Decluttr does not accept lost or stolen cellphones. They use the industry standard database PhoneCheck to ensure that they are not enabling any shady business. 

How Does Decluttr Compare To Other Platforms?

When I first encountered the Decluttr website and App, I was also considering using Amazon Trade-in to rid myself of my old gadgets.

However, when you trade in items using the Amazon platform, you get your money in Amazon gift cards.

I did not want to be forced to spend my pay back money on Amazon, so I opted for Decluttr’s direct deposit option to spend the money to my liking.

There are also a handful of other popular platforms that let you list your items for sale, like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace, but the advantage of Decluttr over these kinds of websites is obvious: Decluttr does the hard work for you. 

I have sold the odd item on the online public marketplaces before, and I do notice that the barrage of messages, haggling, and transactions that fall through can be frustrating enough to make you rethink selling the item in the first place.

On the other hand, you can charge more for your items on these platforms, because you are setting the price instead of agreeing to an offer, like you do on Decluttr.

However, I believe the convenient and no- nonsense user experience that Decluttr offers easily trumps the slight profit loss you may incur by using it. 

Pros And Cons

There are a handful of benefits that I noticed when I used Decluttr for the first time, that will have me coming back as a return user. 

Nothing is better than getting money fast, so I was pleased that Decluttr offered the next day payment feature.

However, keep in mind that this does not mean you will be paid the day after you put your items in the mail. Rather, it applies to the day after Decluttr receives your order at their warehouse.

So, just be aware that you will need to wait about a 7 to 10 day window for your box of items to ship to Decluttr, and then you will get your instant payback. 

As well, I like that Decluttr offers to help their users delete any personal data from the used device they are sending in to sell.

Decluttr does this safely and securely. Keep in mind though that if you are planning to sell a Samsung or Apple product, you will need to personally remove the Samsung account or iCloud account from the device (Decluttr provides step by step instructions for this and it can also be done remotely if you forget). 

A feature that really stands out to me about Decluttr (and pushed me to decide to send my used tech to them) is their promise to pay more for cellphones and used electronic devices than the average trade-in or buy back program.

In fact, Decluttr pays 33% more for used tech than other similar platforms. That makes Decluttr a great choice if you are looking to get more bang for your buck. 

The Bottom Line

In all, I highly recommend Decluttr to people who are ready to unload their old items and gadgets, but want to avoid the time consuming and tedious task of selling each item on their own.  

If you are not ready to take my word for it, see the numbers for yourself: Decluttr already boasts a 6 million person user base and has paid sellers $300 million for their goods, and counting.

That is a lot of people who have been successful buying and selling their used items through this platform. Why not try it for yourself?

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