Coinbase IPO: Should You Buy Crypto or Crypto Stocks?

Coinbase IPO Should You Buy Crypto or Crypto Stocks, June 2021

Coinbase has finally released its IPO into the world! Whether you have jumped onto the crypto train early or just joining now, services like Coinbase can give you a nice introduction into the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to crypto investments, this review of Coinbase IPO will give a glimpse into the effects that this IPO has on the current services that many financial institutions are offering as of now.

For readers who do not know, Coinbase is a portfolio management service that has grown immensely in recent years because of the increased presence and widespread interest in crypto currency by investors of all types and experience levels.

In this article, we will examine the differing perspectives of buying crypto vs buying crypto stocks; however, we will begin by taking an in-depth look at Coinbase IPO, as it can offer game-changing growth opportunities for your crypto portfolio.

Coinbase IPO And Its Significance

Founded in 2012, Coinbase began as a platform that gave users access to the immense world of crypto currency.

As a simple, easy to use app and site, within nine years it has garnered approximately 56 million verified users, it has been recognized by over 7,000 institutions and has made over 115,000 partners within the diverse crypto economy, while being widely used across 100 countries and counting.

With over 1700 employees constantly overseeing and improving the service, you can be comfortable that Coinbase is under reliable hands, and that your portfolio is under the best protection.

Now, in 2021, Coinbase is listed in the Nasdaq and it has released its IPO into the world. From its website, Coinbase’s goal is to build a fair, accessible, efficient and transparent financial system enabled by crypto, to increase economic freedom in the world.

Coinbase’s platform operates on the principles of being trustworthy and easiness of use, while upholding the values of clear communication with its users, continuous learning for improvement, efficient execution of solutions and a positive energy towards the trends of the market at any given moment.

With its IPO now being opened to the world, each of these visions become much more tangible in an investment landscape that operates with the intangible currency of crypto.

Coinbase IPO And The World

With many old-fashioned investors still skeptical about crypto currency as a whole, Coinbase releasing its IPO into the world is a significant step toward a future in which the crypto economy takes a more prominent step in the world of trading.

With the old school view of crypto currency being shady and unknown, the existence of platforms such as Coinbase reassures us that crypto stocks and the crypto market is legitimate, alive and well, and is constantly appearing in modern discourse and thought processes in the lives of investors.

The significance of Coinbase IPO cannot be understated. Even with an objective observation of the trends in the world, virtual methods of business are rising to a considerable level of prominence.

Whether the platform is dedicated to social interactions, food-ordering services, bill payments, educational sessions or entertainment, the entire world is transitioning to on-line existence, and it is no surprise that stock and crypto trading is right there, joining all of the other types of virtual existence.

Having been officially recognized by the stock market and listed in the Nasdaq, Coinbase’s IPO has made a huge statement on its importance in the world.

Many doubters’ minds can embrace the reality that crypto trading is a legitimate way of enhancing any person’s financial wealth.

As stock trading has been previously perceived as a class-related activity, only accessible to those with finances to spare, Coinbase releasing their IPO to the public allows for a more accessible attitude towards investing.

Instead of public opinion being divided when it comes to investment trading, Coinbase’s IPO can introduce a new light on the practice, as its platform and specialization in crypto currency can be an easier pill to swallow for people of any income and opportunity backgrounds. 

With Coinbase’s platform, among others, the easiness, accessibility and financial effectiveness of crypto trading will further assist the development of crypto being recognized by the world.

Given the trend of the world going virtual as well, the sky is the limit for crypto, and this is just the beginning.

Coinbase IPO And Financial Institutions

With Coinbase releasing its IPO to the general public, it comes as no surprise that the entities that will feel the biggest effects are the financial institutions.

As the trends in the marketplace are ripple effects for investors, we can see that Coinbase’s IPO is the latest addition to the cause-and-effect chain of the investment economy.

Such an outcome is expected to happen once any new platform is released, but it is especially noticeable when one as user-friendly and transparent as Coinbase joins the fold. 

A big ripple effect of this will be financial institutions, as they will feel the difference by investors opting for a more direct approach to portfolio management, instead of 3rd party investment input and assistance. 

Instead of contacting financial institutions to have consultation and recommendations from experts, users may take it upon themselves to do the research and invest independently with the help of Coinbase releasing its IPO to the public. 

With Coinbase’s platform, users will find themselves easily navigating through the nuances of portfolio management themselves. Instead of trusting on the advice of an investment advisor, who may or may not be trying to simply reach a quota for their sales records, investors using Coinbase will have access to transparent information from Coinbase’s virtual marketplace.

Whether users are inclined to view the trends of the marketplace as a whole, or if they want to view the growth of any individual company, they can do any of this on their own just by viewing their device, thereby cutting the middleman, as they say. Coinbase’s platform relieves users of the pressure and stresses of leaving portfolio management to someone else. 

Coinbase IPO - Crypto Or Crypto Stocks

Coinbase’s IPO can help the crypto economy in more ways than just being available to more users and excited investors.

With its easy to access platform, users who invest in stocks can help the trends of the stock market. Alternatively, with Coinbase releasing its IPO, the value of raw crypto will be affected in a similar sense as the stock.

In terms of raw crypto currency, its value is highly dependent on the trends of the marketplace and whether it is highly in demand.

The more successful Coinbase is will directly correlate to the value of the coin and its demand.

Similarly, the coin itself has significantly reduced supply and therefore availability to investors who are willing to buy into the coin. With this said, although there is a higher sense of security in owning the raw and actual crypto currency, there is a limited floor and ceiling of its value within the scope of the crypto economy and crypto stock spectrum.

Conversely, for crypto stocks, its value is entirely dependent on the amount of buyers and sellers within the crypto marketplace, all of which can be viewed by the Coinbase platform.

Trends are easier to notice, and therefore any user who is connected to the virtual crypto economy through Coinbase has the equal opportunity to capitalize on the trend during any stage of its success and strength.

However, because of the user-based effect on the success or weakness of the stock, the value of the stock may not truly reflect the true behavior of the stock--its value is dependent on the quantity of the investors, instead of the true performance of the stock.

In essence, pertaining to raw crypto currency, its value is more controlled in the sense that there is a clear supply and demand, with generally predictable and expected results. There is more certainty for dividends from the perspective of the buyer.

Regarding crypto stocks, there is less predictability in the sense that stock performance is related to the quantity of investors, instead of the actual success of the stock. Coinbase’s IPO gives investors the means to manage either form in their own portfolio.


Coinbase releasing its IPO into the world has significant influence not only on the legitimacy of cryptocurrency in the world, but on investors who want to manage their portfolios on their own.

In a world where the prevailing attitude to stocks is one of skepticism towards crypto currency, Coinbase’s IPO helps to bring the increasingly prominent currency into the fold, solidifying its place as a legitimate form of finance.

The platform allows users to self-manage their portfolios, while providing a highly accessible, transparent and user-friendly service for any investor to use, regardless of age, experience and level of interest. 

Whether investing in raw currency or crypto stock, the levels of stock behaviors and performance are easily reviewable, and any user is able to make their investment decision on their own.

Such differences are essential in any investment, but with the increasing popularity of crypto currency and portfolio management, these considerations become all the more manageable.

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