How to Check a Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance?

How to Check a Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance, August 2021

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards are prepaid cards you can use to buy from physical and online stores that accept Visa.

These cards can also be used for paying your bills like any other prepaid debit card. Its only difference from the usual store gift cards is that the store cashier won’t be able to check the balance of your card before a purchase is made.

This is why checking your Vanilla Visa gift card balance is a must before you make a purchase to prevent failed transactions or delays if the value of the items you bought is higher than the card’s current balance.

You can choose from any of the following methods on how to check the balance of your Vanilla Visa gift card.

Go Online to Check the Balance

How to check a vanilla Visa Card in

It is stress-free and easy to check the balance of your gift card online.

All you need to do is go to the official website at to check your current balance.

To sign in, you need to give your card details. These will include the 3-digit security code, the card expiry date, and the card number.

After you have successfully signed in, you will now be able to check the remaining amount in your Vanilla Visa gift card using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Contact Customer Support

You will find 1-800-571-1376, a toll-free phone number, indicated at the back of the gift card. You just need to call this number to ask for the current balance of your card.

The customer service representative will ask you to provide some information about your card such as the card number. The representative will look up the details of your card and inform you of the available balance.

Benefits of Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

The Vanilla Visa Gift Card comes with several great features. First is that you don’t need to give any identifying information. You can also use the card right away after you purchase it.

This is also accepted online. You can also use it for paying at the pump and anywhere that accepts Visa debit card. That means you can use it in millions of retailers out there.

There are also no additional fees once you paid the activation fee. It is paid upon your purchase of the Vanilla Visa gift card.

Carrying it with you is also safer than carrying cash. You also don’t need to worry about monthly debit card fees.

After you get your card, this can already be used for purchases. You just need to choose credit every time you buy a product or service. You can also create your own pin number or use the card as debit although this is not required.

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The Bottom Line

By knowing your Vanilla Visa gift card balance, it will be easier for you to budget all your purchases correctly to prevent any problem during checkout. The whole process is very simple that won’t take up too much time.

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