How Do I Get a Refund on Cash App?

Getting a refund on Cash App

Cash App is an excellent online platform that allows you to instantly send and receive money from anybody that’s also on the platform. 

It’s super convenient, and you’ve probably already used the app to send money to a friend or relative, or pay for a purchase online or at a physical store.

However, what happens if you accidentally send some money to the wrong person – someone you don’t know – on Cash App?

Or maybe you decided to return that shirt you bought at the store, and now want a refund. 

In these cases, will you get your money back? 

The answer is yes, and getting a refund on Cash App is a lot easier than you would think.

How To Get A Cash App Refund If You’ve Sent Money To The Wrong Person?

Getting your money back from a person you accidentally sent it to may not be easy. It may be impossible if the recipient is not cooperative and doesn’t want to send you the money back.

The Cash App refund policy does not protect customers that have accidentally wired money to the wrong person on their platform. 

There is no buyer protection policy, either, which is why it’s advised to never buy products from people you don’t know on Cash App.

There are three ways you can deal with this situation:

#1 Cancel The Payment 

If you’ve sent the funds from your Cash App balance, this is impossible to do. Cash App to Cash App payments are instant and cannot be canceled from by the sender in most cases.

If the recipient hasn’t accepted the payment from their end, you can cancel the payment. 

To check if the recipient has accepted the payment or not:

  • Go to the Activity tab on the bottom right corner of the app.
  • Find and tap on the payment.
  • If you see a “Cancel” option on the payment, the recipient hasn’t accepted the payment (yet). Cancel it as quickly as you can.

However, there’s still a way to get a Cash App refund if the person has accepted your payment

If the recipient has accepted the payment, this is what you should do:

#2 Request A Refund

To request a refund from the person you’ve accidentally send the money to:

  • Open the Cash App and navigate to the Activity tab by tapping on the clock icon on the bottom right.
  • Find and tap on the payment you want to be refunded.
  • Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the “Request a Refund” button. 
  • Choose from the different reasons why you want a refund. In this case, you must tap on, “I accidentally sent money to the wrong person.”
  • Wait for your money to be refunded. 

As soon as the refund is successful, you should see the balance appear back into your Cash App account/ the source of the payment.

If this doesn’t work, there is another way you can request the person to send your money back:

#3 Send A Regular Request With A Note

Sending a regular request to the user with a note explaining the situation is the final way you can attempt to get your money back.

Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Open the Cash App, enter the amount you want to be refunded, and tap on the “Request” button on the bottom of the screen. 
  • Write a note explaining the situation to the receipt, and request them to accept the request and return the money.
  • Wait for your money to be refunded.

What To Do If the Recipient Is Not Cooperating?

If you were on the receiving end of the equation, you’d likely return the money without causing much trouble.

But not everybody has your moral radar – and there’s a chance you’re dealing with a difficult person.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the company doesn’t have a buyer protection policy, or even a similar policy in place to protect customers from scams and accidents.

If the person is unwilling to send your money back even after you’ve requested multiple times, there’s nothing you can do.

However, you can get a refund from a merchant. Here’s how:

How To Get Cash App Refund From Merchants?

If you’ve decided to return a product or want a refund from a merchant for any other reason, here’s what you should do:

  • Go into the store or approach the merchant online, return the product, and request a refund.
  • As long as the merchant has a refund policy and you’re eligible, the merchant will initiate a refund.
  • If ten days pass, and you still don’t get a refund, contact the merchant – Cash App doesn’t intervene in merchant-customer refunds.

You usually don’t have to wait ten days to get your money back. It typically takes between 2 and 7 business days.

As soon as the money is returned, it will be updated in your Cash App.

The long and short of refunds on Cash App is that if you pay a merchant and want a refund, you will likely get it within ten days of requesting it.

If you accidentally send money to the wrong person, there are ways to request a refund and even send notes asking them to return the money.

But if the person is unwilling to send your money back, there’s nothing the company will do to help.

However, if you’ve been scammed on Cash App, you can reach out to the support team and ask them to help. Customers report that they sometimes help, and other times respond along the lines of “be careful while sending payments next time.” 

But make sure that you only use the Cash App phone application or website to contact the support team, since several fake websites claim to offer cash app support but only want to steal your information.

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