How to Make a Bank of America Credit Card Payment?

How to Make a Bank of America Credit Card Payment, August 2021

Sometimes making payments on your credit card is a lot less straightforward than it should be. There are many different ways to take care of this simple task, but sometimes it is hard to know exactly what to do.

Between being able to pay online, send in a check, pay by phone, go into a Bank of America branch, or even pay at an ATM, there a huge variety of ways that you can pay off your credit card bill.

This article will explain each of them in turn and explain when each method is most useful.

Online Bank of America Credit Card Payment

Paying your bill online is the easiest option for many people.

All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection and you will be able to pay off your account.

To pay your account this way, simply log on to your Bank of America account and select the “Bill Pay” tab, or go directly to the credit card bill payment option. From here, just follow the on-screen instructions to pay your bill.

If you are accessing via a mobile device, all you have to do is open the Bank of America Mobile Banking app and tap the “Make a Payment” button. From there, follow the prompts to pay your bill.

Pay Bank of America Credit Card with Another Bank

First, navigate to the Bank of America website. To start paying your bills using an account from a different bank, navigate to the “Bill Pay” tab then follow the on-screen prompts.

From there, simply select the “Manage Pay To/Pay From Accounts” button.

Afterward, a pop-up menu should appear, so select “Add Pay From Account”.

From there, simply follow the on-screen instructions. 

You will need your bank’s 9-digit routing number to continue, as well as your account number in order to set this all up.

If instead you’re looking to transfer money from your Bank of America savings or checking account to your Bank of America credit card, start by clicking on the “Transfer/Send” tab.

From there, select the “Between My Accounts at Bank of America” option that pops out. Once done, you will then be given instructions in the “Make a Transfer” tab, all of which you’ll have to follow. You will also need your account details handy for this one.

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Make Your Credit Card Payment by Mail

Maybe you do not have a computer or you prefer not to perform these transactions online. If that sounds like you, paying your credit card bill by mail is a great option for you. If you choose this option, it is imperative that you send your payment early enough that it arrives on time.

To mail your payment, consult the Bank of America website or the latest account statement to find the address you need to send your check to.

There are separate addresses for consumer card payments for standard delivery, consumer card payments for overnight delivery, and business account payments.

If you can’t find Bank of America credit card payment address in any of these ways, you can get it below:

Consumer Card Payments For Standard Delivery
PO Box 15019
Wilmington, DE 19850-5019
Consumer Card Payments For Overnight Delivery
Bank of America
Attn: Payment Processing
900 Samoset Drive
Newark, DE 19713
Business Card Payments
Bank of America Business Card
PO Box 15710

Pay Bank of America Credit Card by Phone

Another method to make your Bank of America credit card payment is to call the customer service team at 800-236-6497. Follow the prompts, and you should be good to go. There’s no fee to use this service.

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Pay at Your Local Branch or ATM

This payment splits the difference between paying online and paying by mail. By paying in your local branch or ATM, you get the speed of paying online but without the need to complete this operation online.

To pay your bill at a local branch or ATM, make sure that you bring your payment with you either in the form of a check or cash.

If paying at an ATM, insert your credit card and select the “Make a Payment” option from the ATM and follow the prompts on the screen to complete your payment. If you have a business account, payment by this method is not available.

Make sure to bring your credit card to the ATM in order to access your accounts.

Checking Your Credit Card Balance

The quickest way to check your credit card balance is online, either through the Bank of America website or their mobile app. If you log on to their website, you can easily view your current balance and find when your next payment is due.

If you use the Bank of America Mobile Banking app, you can also view your balance from anywhere. Just log into the app and view your balance and due date—you can even view it without signing in by setting up the My Balance feature.

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