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Our Team

Burt Lehman

Disillusioned with the refusal of Wall Street financial organizations to modernize both their risk profiles as well as their customer-facing enterprises, Burt Lehman took it upon himself to offer his own services to his private clientele while maintaining a public arena to share what he’s learned about the inner workings of the financial system.

The easiest ways to help real people connect their various disconnected accounts & cards in the most convenient fashion helped kickstart the site, but now more cutting edge consumer technology like cryptocurrency is currently taking up a lot of his attention. He is middle aged, like 42.

Allison Hynneman

Allison is a university grad from the Midwest currently working as a bank advisor at a small branch of a local bank in Missouri.

After discussing her frustrations online about the lack of integration of other financial service providers into their own system for customers who used both, she found Average Cash and quickly began submitting her own thoughts to Burt. 

Impressed, he brought her on as a site contributor to help her spread the word of easy, hassle-free solutions to common financial roadblocks.

After all, it's your money anyways, why shouldn't you be able to access it as easily as possible?

Eric Reynolds

Eric is a relatively young entrepreneur looking to make simple to implement and easily adoptable solutions for cryptocurrencies.

Burt often refers to Eric’s experience when it comes to these topics as it's safe to say Eric is a lot more tech savvy than Burt is, that's exactly why Eric is in charge of the Crypto desk at Average Cash.

More than just someone interested in Bitcoin's tech, Eric is interested in how Bitcoin can revolutionize the current financial system beyond its mere decentralization.

Between Elon Musk investing hugely in Bitcoin and all of the movements of 2021, there's certainly way more to talk about than Eric could ever hope to properly cover. Still, that doesn't mean he isn't going to try..